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Songlines are ancient energy lines that run between places, animals and people, criss-crossing the entire Australian continent. Far more than just navigational pathways, songlines contain vast amounts of knowledge and information in Aboriginal society. Come travel the multi-dimensional songlines and learn about the real history of Australia and the world's oldest continuing ancient culture.

Jun 13, 2018

Two little boys dancing for the first time on country at Buddabadoo in Far North Queensland are joined by the spirits of their ancestral 'Popeyes' (grandfathers). 

Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Lauraine Barlow shares this beautiful mystical experience with us.

Aunty explains that ’Country’ is "the land, the animals, the place, the water, the sea, the people – it’s all that in one; and it’s knowing that you fit in there".

Aunty Lauraine also shares how she was called to go on a healing journey up the entire length of Queensland to “sing the spirits on”, and how you’ll know when it’s time to make your own ‘power stick’ when you’re ready to really walk in the way you chose to follow your life’s purpose.

Keep listening also for an interesting introduction to the Australian rainforest pygmies.

For links to the ‘Act’ that Aunty Lauraine refers to in Part 1, and to more information about the Yarrabah mission, head to my blog for this podcast on