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Songlines are ancient energy lines that run between places, animals and people, criss-crossing the entire Australian continent. Far more than just navigational pathways, songlines contain vast amounts of knowledge and information in Aboriginal society. Come travel the multi-dimensional songlines and learn about the real history of Australia and the world's oldest continuing ancient culture.

May 13, 2018

How is it that oral cultures, that didn't rely on writing, could memorise and accurately hand down vast amounts of information and knowledge for millennia?

Garminungeena, Jenny Thompson, talks about the importance and sacredness of song in Aboriginal culture; and demonstrates how deep emotions expressed through mournful wailing and singing, and the practice of deep listening to others and to Nature, can help in healing personal and planetary pain.

Garmi concludes the final part of her podcast with a message from the heart that it is time for all of us to "weave in a new Dreaming".

The other parts of Garminungeena's podcast are:

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Part 2 - Women's Business, Family and Seven Sisters; and
Part 3 - "Get on to your Dreaming Track".

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